Things Arable Media Contributors Should Know


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What am I agreeing to when I submit a post to Arable Media?

A: Refer to our Terms and Privacy Policy.

Q: Will I get paid to contribute to Arable Media?

A: This is a volunteer, unpaid contributor program. Performance based financial incentives are distributed at our discretion. 

Q: How often should I contribute?

A: The more frequent and consistent contributions you make, the more effective you become. The minimum we expect of our contributors is 1-2 per month. Our best contributors are the ones that practice the most and are contributing more frequently.

Q: What are the perks to being a contributor?

A: You'll have the opportunity to share your creative work, get exposed to an audience who wants to read what you write, and build your portfolio to stand out for future careers with Arable and other agribusinesses. Frequent contributors are invited to a private Facebook group where they can claim first dibs on new story ideas, share advice, and network. This is an invitation only group.

Q: What else should I know about Arable Media?

A:  Arable Media is a startup. That means the contributor program is going to evolve over time. Our contributors have already helped craft what this is and is becoming. You have an opportunity to guide what Arable Media becomes. We take the opinions, ideas, and contributions of our contributors to heart.

Things to Keep in Mind for a Successful Post:

  • Relatable. Ideas submitted for consideration should be of interest our readers, have a tone that is appropriate for the site, and be written by a person, not a PR department. We like posts that are nostalgic and create a back porch, sweet tea sipping, stories by grandpa kind of feeling.

  • No Self-Promotion. No advertising your product. No affiliate links. No self reviews. Save that for your own website.

  • Word Count & Formatting. Posts should be between 500-1000 words; we’re looking for clear and concise articles that deliver huge impact. Anything over 1500 words will not be reviewed unless previously discussed and agreed upon with the Editor. Include subheadings to break up content and make it easy to follow along. Using images are not required but is recommended.

  • Editing Policy. We expect pieces to have correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. The more we have to edit your post, the less likely it will be chosen for publication. Once a post is submitted, we’ll provide feedback so you can edit the post.

  • Community Participation. You are expected to respond professionally to post comments for the first two weeks after the piece is posted. Share, share, share across your social platforms and online presence.

  • Make any requested revisions. We’ll provide feedback so you can edit your post. Keep in mind, some of our contributor posts go through 2-3 rounds of revisions.

Please make sure to read and understand our terms and privacy policy before submitting. This will save our editors and our contributors valuable time.