What Kind of Judger are You?

What Kind of Judger are You?

Whether you’re a member of the meats, livestock, dairy or wool judging team, we need to level. To the outside world you look like a zombie trying to talk your way into scoring the last Little Debbie snack. To us, though, you look like a human on a mission to lock up that state slot to judge at national convention. It’s our duty to not only point out how ridiculous we look while we’re on deck to give reasons, but to also embrace it.


The Pacer

We get it, guy. We can see by the tracks you’re making in the pavement and the cadence of your voice you’re going to slay your reasons, but, what we don’t understand is why your notebook is sticking out of your britches like it’s your primary source of lower back support.


The Flirt

You’re going to be an Animal Science major? Yeah, we know. You’ve told every dime in the parameter. While we’re not confident in your game, we support the cause.


The Napper

Add “can nap anywhere” to your resume, you’ve earned it.  Your ag teacher’s truck rolled out the parking lot before dawn? Same.


The Realist

Cool as a cucumber with your minimal notes and no-cares attitude. Whether it’s part of your strategy or not, your “what will be will be” outlook is aggravating and enlightening. Do you.

Regardless of your classification, we support your quest to be the best evaluator of your respective contests. May you drops be few and your reasons stance be strong.

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