Things You CAN NOT Forget on Show Day

Things You CAN NOT Forget on Show Day

Going to shows is stressful enough. Add forgetting something you have to have can give you additional unneeded stress on top of what you already have. Here is a list of must-haves on showday to make your day simple so you can focus on the purple banner!

  1. A halter. No matter what animal you show you are gonna need a halter. If you don’t bring them have fun trying to wash and walk your animals.

  2. A water hose. Most shows I’ve been to you need your own hose and if you don’t bring one hopefully you’ll have someone to borrow one from. Just throw one in your showbox and you’ll be fine.

  3. Wash pants. I live in my wash pants on showday to keep my show ring outfit both dry and clean. You may look a little weird but it is so worth it. 10 out of 10 recommend getting a pair.

  4. A blower. Hand dry animals is never fun and a blower makes the job go so much faster.

  5. A generator. For most spring shows, you show out of your trailer and don’t have access to an outlet. Bringing a generator is a must, or you may end up not getting to dry your animals with a blower or do a last minute clip job.

  6. An ice chest. I forget to bring this ALL. THE TIME. but it is so nice to not have to go find a drink when you have a cooler full of water or whatever else! Makes hot summer days so much better.

  7. Soap. While this may be obvious, I have forgotten it before! Make sure you always have soap to wash your animals with.

  8. Bring whatever you show with. If its a goat bring your show chain, a pig don’t forget your whip, and cattle please do not forget your show stick!

  9. And most important an open mind. Showing is fun but stressful, and some days it just doesn’t go your way. Have an open mind - you may see a new or better way to do something or may learn a trick from an older showmen. We need to help each other and want others to succeed.


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