Thoughts While Exhibiting At A Cattle Show

Thoughts While Exhibiting At A Cattle Show

If you've ever shown cattle, you know that various thoughts run through your head while you are attending the show. Here is a list of these thoughts that may run through your mind or you might actually say while exhibiting cattle at a show:

Move in day:

1. This is going to be an absolute blast.

2. I'm surprised a family member hasn't gotten slugged yet.

3. Why can't you keep your stuff in your tack space?

4. Another blown breaker?

5. Come on, don't act like I never trained you how to move from point A to point B in a calm manner.

6. When is it going to be time to go back to the hotel?

At the stalls:

7. Seriously, could we not lay on each other.

8. You have individual feed pans for a reason.

9. Do not ask if you can pet my animal.

10. Don't get up heifer, pleaaaseee.

11. Can someone get that poop so I don't have to?

12. Could you just eat without needing a drink of water, for once

13. What is that person wearing?

14. Well, we got us some Freddy 4-Hers over here.


At the wash rack:

16. There's a whole empty wash rack and you HAD to pull little Ms. Kicker up next to me?

17. Water on your animal, not me, please.

18. Do you need to have four of your animals on the wash rack?

19. That is definitely my scrub brush, not yours.

20. Hey calf, could you not step on the hose.

21. How does one get so filthy?

Tie outs:

22. There is no need to run, I promise.

23. Just let me put your neck rope on and then you can have all the hay you want.

24. I love exercising calves on the way to tie outs; it's definitely my favorite.

Show morning:

25. It feels like Christmas morning.

26. Why is it so cold in the morning?

27. I realize it is 4am, but could you move a little faster.

28. You HAVE to eat, it's show day.

29. What time should we start fitting?

30. Can I have some breakfast?

At the fitting chutes:

31. Can someone keep this calf from whacking me with their tail?

32. I hope nobody notices that nick on this calf's leg.

33. Just stand still, calf.

34. I need a new can of tail adhesive.

35. Wait, what class did they just call?!

Make-up area

36. You mean we rushed up here just to wait 15 extra minutes?

37. Paper towels, please!

38. Don't rub up on the other calves.

39. Goodness, it is hot out here.

40. What's my class number again?

41. Who do I follow in?

In the show ring:

42. Alright, let's go.

43. Take it easy.

44. Okay, stop. Perfect.

Cover photo courtesy of Montana Ag Photography

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