Hay: A Farmer's Canvas

Hay: A Farmer's Canvas

After a long day, paying attention to the mess you're tracking through the house doesn’t register on your list of priorities, but it certainly does to your mom.

Here’s a list of other things you can do with hay that may distract mom from the mess you’re making.

Build a Tractor

You just saved the family quarter of a million dollars with this one.

DIY Show Stock

Why buy your animals when you can build them? Honestly, does an exercise program exist that will make them this beefy?

A Locomotive

All aboard this ingenious feat of engineering.

An American Flag

Because who could be upset with freedom?


Our only question, is Chris Pratt part of this package?

A Windmill

Alright, this is just impressive.

A Castle

Tell your mom she’s the queen and everything will be fine. Plus, you have a dinosaur; who’s going to argue with that?

Wedding ‘Bales’

‘Nuff, said.

Parents, Thank You For Putting Up With Us.

Parents, Thank You For Putting Up With Us.

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