Why Maryland Show Cattle Are The Best

Why Maryland Show Cattle Are The Best

Seafood, horse racing, and water are the first things that usually come to mind when people think of Maryland. However, when people in the show cattle industry think of Maryland, they think of good, competitive cattle.

So, what’s Maryland’s secret? The state with 21M less people than Texas, consistently houses some of the best show cattle in the nation.

What makes this small east coast state so competitive? Let's take a look at just a few reasons.

1. That lovely east coast weather.

When it comes to keeping show cattle healthy and growing a good hair coat, weather plays a major factor. Maryland is one of the lucky states that experiences each season, with extremes in each. While we may experience a few unseasonably hot days in the summer time, for the most part we don’t suffer too bad. Our heat is typically manageable, even for those unable to have a cool room for calves. Our winters are cold, and our spring and fall seasons have nice, crisp, cool weather. This is not only great for our calving seasons, but for encouraging good hair growth as well.


2. Little state, big family.

One of the benefits of showing cattle in a small state is knowing almost everyone on the show circuit tour. Maryland show families are tight-knit and supportive. We’ve competed against our friends since we were old enough to walk into the show ring, so good sportsmanship is ingrained in our minds from the beginning. In times of need, we all come together as one to support one another and cheer on our fellow competitors both in and out of the show ring.

3. The drive to win.

Maryland is competitive. From our sports teams to our cattle - we love to win. I believe that drive comes from being such a tight-knit community; we all set personal goals and work to the bone to meet them. Maryland kids love to work hard to make their state known - mostly because we are proud to be from Maryland. We learn from our mistakes and work harder the next time in order to continue to strive for our goals.



4. We are small, but mighty.

Some people may underestimate Maryland because of our size; but history tells us that that’s never a good idea. So many great show cattle and industry leaders have come from Maryland, and will continue to come from Maryland. Maryland cattle compete right along with the best in the country at national shows and always represent well.

I am always proud to say I am from Maryland, especially when at a national show. Maryland’s show cattle have put us on the map, and when we show up, we do it right. So, next time you catch yourself underestimating our little old state, remember that we have produced some of the greats – and will continue to do so.


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