The One Thing You Always Try to Avoid

The One Thing You Always Try to Avoid

Did you pull out of your driveway before remembering you forgot the extension cords or pitch fork? We have all done it before, and there was no turning around to go back and get it either. In order to go to a show, without arriving and having that “oh, crap!” moment.

Five ways to avoid this dreaded moment:


1. Write a checklist going into the week of the show

Create a daily checklist to plan your entire week will help keep you organized and ensure everything is accomplished: clipping, packing the trailer, putting feed together, etc.


2. Don’t try to cram everything in last minute

By clipping one day, loading the trailer the next day, and finally hitting the road, you will feel at awe knowing everything got finished that needed to be, in a timely manner.


3. Make another checklist of items that need to go in the trailer

There is nothing like being two classes away from going into the ring when you realize you forgot your show stick. A checklist will make sure you've packed everything. This goes for personal items, too, like clothing and beauty supplies. You'll be grateful and more relaxed when you arrive and everything is with you.

4. Ask for help

Let's face it, preparing for a show is not a one-man job. Before becoming overwhelmed, ask your friends or family for help. It is a team effort to make preparing and traveling to a show easy going.


5. Check it once, check it twice, check the checklist one last time

Before pulling out of the driveway, open the checklist and make sure everything is ready to go.

If you follow these steps, the “oh crap” moment will turn into “oh, yes I have that!” 

We want to hear how you prep for a show, leave your preparations in the comment box below. Good luck to everyone traveling to the upcoming fall and winter shows!


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