Parents, Thank You For Putting Up With Us.

Parents, Thank You For Putting Up With Us.

Stock show parents are among the most patient people in the world. They are the driving force behind every stock show appearance, problem solved and lesson learned. Up, even before our alarms go off, they deserve a round of applause. Here’s why.

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The aroma

We smell awful. Even though you are dragging us from the house to attend an event, we wander out back to remind our show stock to behave while we’re gone. To your dismay, we eventually arrive where we need to, but smell embarrassingly foul. Sometimes we forget we are in our ‘nice’ clothes and dirty them up.  Other times, our work boots are the most comfortable pair of shoes we own and we accidentally leave them on for church. We are sooo sorry.


Remember that one time our friend came over and you received a phone call from their parents afterward asking why they knew about the miracle of life? We’re sorry about that too. Growing up a farm kid, we are much more aware of the world out of necessity. At the time, we had no idea it was spilling secrets. That had to be rough.

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Small town politics

Sophomore year was really tough. As much as our small school needed students to participate in everything, we were also told to pursue our passions. Telling the coach we would be missing games to show our livestock was scary to watch. Thank you for advocating for us when those conversations are difficult to have one our own.

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The circle of life

We picked a really good one this year. He was healthy with good conformation and we couldn’t be happier. We don’t think we’ve even loved a pet as much as our stock show animal. Yet even after all the work we put into preparing him for the big day, he still died. Thank you for comforting us.

There is no way we would be able to navigate the world without you. Allowing us to participate in what we love the most is a labor of love. We absolutely can’t say thank you enough.

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