How to Make Friends at a Stock Show

How to Make Friends at a Stock Show

Siblings are simultaneously the most amusing and the most irritating people to be around at a stock show. For the times they lean towards irritating, it can be important to branch out and make some other friends.

Step 1:
Get away from your own area. Seriously. Take a walk a few aisles down or even cross into another species. Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone right?


Step 2:
Strike up a conversation. Sheep will almost always bleat back when spoken to so that’s probably a good place to start. You might think you’re ready to talk to humans, but let’s not try running before we can walk.


Step 3:
Get that phone out and check the hashtag for whatever show you happen to be at. Send some funny gifs and watch retweets roll in like round bales down a hill.


Step 4:
“Steal” some tack supplies with the intention of “returning” them to their rightful owner in order to start a conversation.


Step 5:
Hang by the wash rack and provide commentary on anyone that comes through with their animals.


Step 6:
Go to McDonald’s and “accidentally” buy too many McChickens. Offer one up to the first sane person you see.


Step 7:
By now at least a few people have realized your antics and want to join in. You’ve successfully mastered making friends at a stock show. Trade phone numbers, follow each other on all social media, and tell all your friends at school how your livestock friends are the best.

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