What Type of Ag Teacher Are You?

What Type of Ag Teacher Are You?

They’re some of the worst drivers with the biggest hearts. They let you skip study hall to “work on the banquet” even though banquet isn’t for three more months. While there are universal similarities among agriculture teachers, it’s necessary to point out a few different tropes that can pop up when interacting with teachers at a state contest.

The “Fresh-Out-Of-College”

They picked up a few things while student teaching, but still seem greener than the greenhands. They want you to know they’re cool, but hang on to their lesson plans for dear life.


The Seasoned Vet

No amount of bus breakdowns, welding mishaps, or scorecard screw-ups can phase them. They’ve got tenure and they’re not afraid to use it.


The Officer Factory

This teacher is known for pumping out State Officers, mostly because they probably were one. Inspirational with lots of charm, they help their students nail the perfect #FFAVoice


The Mad Scientist

Experiential learning is taken to a new level with this teacher. I hope you packed your safety goggles (and maybe an extra set of clothes).


The Magician

This teacher is always disappearing to take students to contests and events. Their substitute might have been in the classroom more than they actually have.


The Champion

Put leadership, curriculum, and fun to the side. They're here to win. 

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