Girls vs. Guys: Show Day Prep-time

Girls vs. Guys: Show Day Prep-time

Your show ring debut is exciting. Basically, it’s the red carpet of the livestock industry akin to celebrities attending the Met Gala.

It should be noted, however, girls’ prep time is tremendously under appreciated and should be accounted for thank. you. very. much. [insert hair flip]

Let's compare - and contrast - the difference in prep time for males and females. 




1. Outfit selection
You've been pinning for this moment for months. You've got this. All you need to do is track down something classic, trendy, styled, weather appropriate, comfortable and within your budget. 


2. Accessorize
A look reflective of your personal brand doesn't just happen. Behind every killer ensemble is a formula factoring in patterns, lighting and various situations. Wear too many accessories you're tacky. Wear too little and you didn't even try.  


2. Makeup application
Highlighting and contouring is an art. Read as: if we’re this meticulous about our faces your better believe we slay the fitting game. 


Blending is a step of its own. It's magical, really.


With every Tami, Jessica, and Rachel offering lash extension specials, you know the competition for flirty gazes is stiff. And, mascara offers little to no ROI. So, roll out the falsies because we’re here for the spotlight. 


3. Hair
Long, loose, romantic curls are in and they demand dedicated time. So, yes, we're going to call dibs on the sink with the plug in and post up until we're show ring ready. 


You can bet your Venmo balance we'll be ready for our closeup.




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