5 Exercises to Get You Beefier Than Your Cattle

5 Exercises to Get You Beefier Than Your Cattle

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Are you tired of being pushed around by your steer in the show ring? Want to get so jacked that more people are noticing you at the auction than your grand champion gilt? There’s no need to travel into town for the fitness center when you have everything you need already at the farm for you to build some serious mass in time for the show circuit.

Upper Body

  1. Shoveling Pens

    5 sets of 20 reps - Focus on really powerful shovel movements to work your shoulders and back. The barn will be spotless in no time.
  2. Farmer’s Walk

    6 sets of 5 reps - Walking feed buckets back and forth makes for a great exercise to build your traps and forearms. Switch to water buckets for an extra challenge.

Lower Body

  1. Calf Raises

    4 sets of 10 reps - No not those calves. Find a sturdy straw bale and stand with your toes on the edge. Raise your heel up and feel the burn.
  2. Tractor Squats

    12 sets of 1 - Everything you drop somehow ends up rolling under the tractor. Make the most of reaching down to get it by really pushing your glutes to the max.


  1. Not In My House!

    You walked in the house with dirty boots ...again. Sprint for 45 seconds to get away from your mom and then jog around the farm for another 5 minutes. While she’s cooling off, you’re heating up!


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