Getting Prepped for NWSS

Getting Prepped for NWSS

Whether you are making a trip to Denver as an exhibitor or a “tourist”, it is a must that you follow these tips to make your trip the most memorable.

Photo from: Melinda-Shawn Cowell

Photo from: Melinda-Shawn Cowell

First and foremost…THE STOCKYARDS ARE INCREDIBLE. It is amazing to see all of those high end bulls being displayed out in the yards, but don’t just walk through the yards, go up on the catwalk to see it from a completely different perspective. 

Side note: the yards will be changing in a few years so if you get a chance to go this year, GO.


Dress Appropriately. One day it could be sunny and 50 degrees and the next morning below freezing. So instead of trying to look cute, wear those layers that can be easy to put on and take off.


Walking shoes are a must. Walking through the stockyards is a must which means instead of making your feet swell by the end of your day walking around and checking everything out.

Load up on Vitamin C. The Denver crud really is a thing… keep the airborne and some kind of decongestant with you.


Book accommodations well in advance. Sometimes this isn’t possible but if you know for sure you are going to Denver a year before it arrives, book your hotel room and check flights.

Plan ahead. The shows stretch over many days so think about what you want to see while you are there to determine when is the best time to go. BUT if you decide to go the whole time… I won’t judge ;)

Rodeo and Yard Bar. You have to attend both at least once!

Evaluate. You will see some of the most successful operations at Denver. By evaluating their genetics, you may go home and second guess some of your livestock standing around.

Navigating onto the grounds. There can be some confusion when navigating onto the grounds. There are a lot of one ways and confusing intersections - be sure to pay attention. 

EAT AND DRINK ALL THE THINGS. Denver is known to have some of the best food and the prices can range from $2.00 tacos to $150 steaks. If you are of age to drink alcohol, take it slow, with the elevation change it hits you quick (this could be good or bad). Other than alcohol, drink a lot of water because the air is super dry.

Exhibiting. Whether you are exhibiting cattle in the barns or on the hill, the temperature is about the same… COLD!

Protect your lips. Bring chapstick… and lots of it! Wind chap is a real thing, and it majorly sucks. 


Take photos -. Within the next couple of years, a very large remodel will be happening!

Parking SUCKS. You should not plan to park on or even near the grounds. Plan to walk to your destination. Side note: Parking your trailer at a hotel can be a great way to get it towed, if you are into things like that.


Elevation. If you are from a lower elevation flat land, be sure to hydrate before and during the trip. It makes a huge difference with the elevation change.


There is nothing quite like a trip to the National Western Stock Show. You will end up traveling back home and already talking about your trip to Denver next year. So pack your bags, buy that plane ticket, get yourself a hotel room and GO!


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