How to Survive Your 1st NAILE Show

How to Survive Your 1st NAILE Show

Taking your first trip to NAILE? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Are you about to drive eight hours or fly two to take your first trip to the NAILE? If so, you probably have a million questions popping through your head and afraid that you’ll miss something. There are plenty of NAILE professionals out there willing to help make your first trip to the green shavings a success and one you will remember.

  • Bring your walking shoes – lots of ground to cover in just a few days. (Kristi Petry, MD)

  • Prepare for all kinds of weather – There are years it will be in the comfortable 70s and other years where there will be a snow and ice storm. (Emily Velisek, KS & Emily Sumney Halifax, PA)

  • Stock up on that Vitamin C - You’ve heard about the Denver crud, but the NAILE crud can be just as bad. The dust and weather change can totally kill the vibe. (Megan Millison, MD)

  • Shopping, shopping and MORE SHOPPING – When shopping pay with cash rather than card. You will be buying items from different vendors, from different states and eventually your bank will turn your card off. (Patti Jacobs, MD & Danielle Hamilton, MD)

  • Bring your boots – there are guys there that will clean and polish the boots on your feet or leave them with them for a few hours and they will be looking brand new. (Shelley Degraspi, MD)

  • Get your feet on the green shavings - Youll get goosebumps as soon as you walk into the arena – IT IS HUGE. Youll be saying to yourself, “Oh my gosh, are we really here?!” (Karey Howes, MD)

  • You must eat at Mark’s Feed Store (1514 Bardstown Rd.) – Best ribs in town! (Patti Kepler, MD)

  • The rodeo is a must! (Tina Landes, VA)

  • Don’t bring large purses – if you have a large purse it will need to be see through. (Kylie Covalesky, IL)

  • Take your own food and beverages, it can get expensive! (Joan Meyer Witt, IL)

  • Book your hotel room MONTHS in advance! (Cody Martin, OK)


  • Show out of your trailer if possible – barns do it crammed. (Sandy Weaver Mulberry, IN)

  • Get your stall space asap, wait time for bedding to set up stalls can be hours. (Joan Meyer Witt, IL)

  • Take cattle that can be worked in a stall (fitted and clipped as well). A chute sticker is $50.00. (Brittany Smith, IL)

  • Be prepared for the long walk to the ring on show day! (Lester Jeffers, OH)

Cover Photo: Madison's Farm Adventures blog


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