Winter Jackpot Prep for Cattle

Winter Jackpot Prep for Cattle

The winter months have most going into hibernation, but for us stock show kids; it means hair growing season and winter jackpot shows. It is like Christmas morning when we wake up and head to a jackpot show on a brisk, cold winter morning.

Prepping for a jackpot show in the winter isn’t easy, especially when your water hose and hair care products freeze. To help you get through the tough times that winter brings all, whether you like winter or not, here are a few tips to prep for “the most wonderful time of year”

1. Invest in a portable water heater


Washing at home or at shows isn’t easy, especially when the wash rack is a solid sheet of ice and your calf has ice sickles hanging off of them. But have no fear, with a portable water heater there is no worrying about anything freezing, including yourself and your calf.

2. A double blower = half the blow time


If blow-drying calves is one of your least favorite parts about showing, invest in a double blower. Your blow-drying time will be cut in half, which means your calf won’t be shivering as long.

3. Heater. TURBO heater. 

Not only will your calf shiver, so will you. With a turbo heater, blow-drying your calf will take half of the time and you will stay nice and toasty, for the most part.



For your sake, layer your clothing. Wear leggings underneath your jeans, a long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt (maybe x2), a heavy jacket, gloves, and winter hat. Those hand and feet warmers are pretty cool as well. Also, in the show ring, wearing a nice button up with a sweater over it will keep you warm!

5. Bring a tent


If you plan to go outside at these jackpot shows, bring a tent with sides. The turbo heater inside of the tent will make for a cozy home for a few days.

6. Bucket heaters


When watering the cattle or even trying to thaw out your hair products like aerosols, warming up (don’t make it boiling water) a bucket of water is a necessity.

7.  Prepare for bad weather


There have been shows where you would arrive, tie the cattle out (bring plenty of straw to bed extra), and then the next morning wake up to a foot of snow on the ground. Have a game plan if bad weather creeps up without warning, for your sanity and the cattle.

Good luck to all of the stock show kids traveling to those winter jackpot shows! Stay warm!



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