10 Christmas Must Haves for Your Junior Showman

10 Christmas Must Haves for Your Junior Showman

Stock show parents (siblings, friends, stock show “family members”, whoever you may be), look no further – here is the complete list of go-to Christmas gifts for the young livestock enthusiast in your life!

1. New jeans: If you’re shopping for a young person that’s in any way involved in the livestock industry, they’ll appreciate new jeans. For the ladies, maybe a new pair of Seven’s or for the guys, some Buckle or Big Star jeans might be the ticket.

2. Ag-themed school supplies: Even though nobody wants to be thinking about school over the holidays, the Stock Show Boutique has a nice selection of lunch bags, paper, pencils, notebooks and even tote bags that can be fully customized. (On a not-so-school-related note, they’ve also got some really cool customizable phone cases!)


Photo Courtesy: Stock Show Boutique

3. Halters: Show halters, rope halters, neck ties – all are great. A good show halter is an absolute necessity, and heaven only knows you can never have enough rope halters and neck ties. Sullivan Supply offers a wide variety of color choices to choose from – be sure to pick your showman’s favorite color!


Photo Courtesy: Sullivan Supply

4. Fitting supplies and prep supplies: While this may not be the most creative item on the list, you can be certain you’re giving a gift that will be put to good use if you choose to buy a case of black paint or adhesive for your showman this Christmas!


Photo Courtesy: The Pulse

5. Daily hair care products: We’re not talking about gel for your young showman’s hair, but Revive or conditioner for daily hair work! Conveniently, cans or bottles of conditioner or oil fit nicely into stockings…Did we hear STOCKING STUFFER?!

6. Number-holding apparatus: For some reason, those darn number harnesses, back tag holders and pocket clips always seem to grow legs in between the ring and the next show… perfect for forgetful young exhibitors!


Photo Courtesy: Weaver Leather and Livestock

7. New boots or shoes: Young people living the stock show life put their footwear to the ultimate test no footwear company could ever anticipate. Stock show kids’ shoes get completed soaked in water (whether it’s from a rainy day at a show or an inexperienced neighbor on the washrack); trampled by livestock; covered in manure, paint, adhesive and literally God-only-knows what else. The ever-popular Twisted X would be a great choice – the Western Edge offers a huge online selection!


Photo Courtesy: Western Edge, Ltd.

8. Farm/Ranch Apparel: There’s nothing that will make your showman feel cooler than reppin’ their own brand. Wondering how to make that possible? Order a few hats, sweatshirts or jackets and have them embroidered with your logo!

9. The Basics: Speaking of apparel, you can’t go wrong with the basic must-haves. For the guys, that can be a Cinch or Ariat button down.  For the ladies, be sure to check out military jackets or vests in trendy colors like olive green, maroon or gray.


Vest Photo Courtesy: CCXO Women’s Boutique


Shirt Photo Courtesy: Shepler’s

10. The real deal: I can’t think of a young showman who wouldn’t mind finding their present out in the barn on Christmas morning. Besides, you and I both know that every young showman is going to be out in the barn on Christmas morning with a feed scoop in hand long before any presents get touched. Why not make this Christmas one to remember and tell your young showperson that Santa came down the haymow ladder and left this year’s present in the show barn? 

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