5 Christmas Gifts for the Best Stock Show Mom Ever

5 Christmas Gifts for the Best Stock Show Mom Ever

Who gives up their vacation days from work to get up early, pack coolers, showboxes, suitcases and a trailer for a livestock show instead of Jamaica? Only a show mom!  

That being said, nobody deserves a good Christmas gift like an often-underappreciated show mom. Show moms are the first to get griped at, bossed around and asked to run 50 errands so it seems only fitting that one time a year, we make an effort to make them happy. Ha!

How can we make that happen? Let me tell you.

We can start with the easy stuff:

No glitter necessary, but possibly appreciated

Get her a “show mom” t-shirt even if she’s not necessarily the “show mom t-shirt: type. I promise you she will not only wear it, but love it, because it implies she’s your mom and it came from you out of love. You can even buy them with your Amazon Prime – no lie. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Stubs for the scrapbook

You know what else moms like? Tickets! Not the kind from the cop telling them they were driving the trailer in two lanes, but the kind to a show or concert. And you know who she wants to go with? You!  Nothing makes a mom happier than the people she loves wanting to actually hang out with her outside of a barn, in public. So get the Garth tickets, the Walker Hayes if they’re cheaper, or the rodeo tickets and take mom out on the town!

Coup-ins as Ron White would say

Are you saying “I don’t have that kind of money?!” Totally understand. Give her a coupon book. Now, don’t get me wrong, I find them to be ridiculous in most cases. It has to be a good coupon book. The “I’ll-drive-my-all-my-little-sisters-to-all-their-practices for a week” and “I’ll pick up the hay bale ring for dad the entire month of March when the mud is above my Muck boots” coupons are what she wants. No “this is good for one hug.”  Please!  


Not so much about working? Okay, fine. Think about what she likes. Is she a clotheshorse? Then get dad to help you get her a new pair of chukka boots. Useful and a reminder you love her and something new to show off! Or is she more about decorating the house? Have you seen these amazing pillows? OMG. So freaking awesome! And personalized! Tell me she wouldn’t love them if she’s an HGTV-Chip-and-Joanna-Gaines-kinda-mom.

Say “Cheese!”

But here’s the deal: I can give you all these suggestions, but the one I’ll be getting my mom and the one I guarantee you your show mom will love, too: a family picture. True story. You can do it one of two ways.  

1. Make a collage. Get your phone out and start taking selfies with the siblings, dad and mom, and mom, dad and the dog or the heifers if they come to Christmas dinner!  

2.  Find a semi-pro in the neighborhood and set up a true family photo with everyone in their Saturday night best. Every mom loves a picture on their mantel, on their desk at work, or stuck to the corner of the tractor cab. Again, it’s the gift of you. That’s all any show mom wants.

So make your decisions. Cough up the cash if you have it. Or snap your pics when dad falls in the mud chasing that steer. But whatever you do, don’t forget a sappy “Love you as much as the green wood chips in Louisville” card. You’ll be so glad you did…


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