The 7 Stages of Getting to See Your Long Distance FFA Best Friend

The 7 Stages of Getting to See Your Long Distance FFA Best Friend

From FFA event to FFA event, you’ve probably picked up a few new friends along the way.  Depending on how far your event spanned, you might have made friends from across the state or even across the nation. If this sounds like you, you’ll definitely relate to this.

1. The thought process

Picture this- You find out that you have the opportunity to attend the Washington Leadership Conference this summer and you know that you’ll be attending the event with many other members from across the state. The first thought that comes to your mind is whether or not you’ll be attending with your long-distance FFA BFF that you met at camp the summer before.

2. The questioning and reply

After thinking long and hard about whether or not they might be attending the same event, you finally send your text in ALL CAPS asking if they’re going to the event with about a hundred emojis because you just can’t contain your excitement anymore.

Finally, after sending text after text, you get the text you get the answer you've been waiting for--YES!!!

3.  The planning

Right before the big event, or as I like to call it, "FFAmily reunion," you sit down and plan all of the things you and your FFA BFF plan to do during your short time together.  There's no time to waste when you have a year's worth of things to talk about since the last time you saw each other!


The countdown has begun. You are now just moments away from seeing each other! You can only think about the things you are going to try and all of the clever Instagram captions you have planned out for all of your pictures, of course. 


The moment that you both have been waiting for! Nothing but happy tears, a lot of excited screaming and jumping up and down!

5. Document EVERY WAKING MOMENT you're together

Selfies EVEYRWHERE.  I mean were y’all really reunited if you didn’t put the experience on every form of social media? Better put those clever Instagram captions to use!

6. The empty feeling you get the day before you both leave

After spending days together with your FFA best friend, you start getting that lonely feeling in your stomach because you know that you might not get to see for another year after they leave.

7. The goodbye

You had fun. You made new memories. And you know your bond has grown stronger in the blue jacket.

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