5 Motivational Speeches to Inspire You Before Your Next Competition

5 Motivational Speeches to Inspire You Before Your Next Competition

Sweat is pouring down your face. Hands trembling, knees shaking, and the light shining on your face is blinding.

Maybe the light is metaphorical, or maybe you are standing on stage in front of hundreds of people.

A vast majority of people fear public speaking, and it can be scary, even if you are speaking not so publicly. Are you in your living room practicing in front of your siblings? In the bathroom mirror reciting to yourself? Or is it competition time, the real deal? No matter where I am I always get nervous. But once you start, everything changes and once you focus on the words you are saying nothing else seems to matter. From Dead Poet’s Society, to the Blind Side there is a lot that we can learn and implement into our speeches, just from watching the silver screen.

1. Your Words Can Change The World, Dead Poet’s Society

Robin Williams reminds us why we are here, and how much of an impact our words can have on others lives - good and bad. If we remember this when writing or preparing for an important speech or greeting, we will be sure to win the hearts of many.

2. The Death Crawl Scene, Facing the Giants

Coach Taylor takes a different approach than we usually see with motivation, he encourages a football player crawl across the football field with someone on his back.

As Coach says “You have been given the gift of leadership, don’t waste it.” As leaders in our chapters and communities we have an influence to those around us, when listening to Coach Taylors speech remember how we can influence others.

3. Never Give Up On Your Dreams, The Pursuit of Happiness  

A simple, sweet moment between father and son quickly turning in a deeper conversation. Chris’ son gives up when missing a shot in basketball. It could happen to any of us, right?

Dad, in his profound moment of fatherhood, tells him to never give up on his dreams and to not listen to others when they tell him he cannot do something. We should all remember not only when competing, but also really, living our everyday lives.

Write the speech. Say it proud. Forget what others think.

4. Things Worth Believin’ In, Secondhand Lions

Hub reminds us that although people may not always believe the same things that we do, it does not mean that we should stop believing. Always hold true to your values, even if you seem to be standing alone in them. So, believe in yourself, even if nobody else does.  

5. Courage and Honor, The Blind Side

As Michael Orr writes an essay about courage and honor, he says learns - through his tutor and family - courage is tricky, but everything happens for a reason.

You should have honor and courage - we all know how much courage it takes to prepare and give a speech.

Find the courage within you.

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