10 Surprising ways FFA taught you how to “Adult”

10 Surprising ways FFA taught you how to “Adult”

I question on a daily basis who let me enter the adult world. While it isn’t fun by any stretch of the imagination, FFA gave me a few skills that make “adulting” a little easier.

1. SAE Records are surprisingly like taxes

You hang onto every receipt, track every expenditure and spend hours squinting at a form making sure everything is in the right column.  The sad part is you don’t get any award or recognition for taxes like you do SAEs. However, when you file for the first time on your own, the questions and forms won’t seem as scary.

2. Pantyhose and Ties don’t go away

Sorry ladies, most standards of professional dress require that women wear pantyhose. At least you’ll know how to stop those pesky runners!

Gentlemen, you best remember your favorite knot because tying a tie is a skill essential for adulting.

3. OCEA standards and food safety are more relevant than you think

Those safety rules you learned in food science and ag mechanics class will become relevant in your adult life. On the other hand, you will never again be asked to write an essay about the Columbian Exchange or use the Pythagorean Thorium.

4. Explaining what a “tallywacker” is makes you seem sophisticated

Well, maybe not, but it makes for a great conversation starter at those boring grown-up dinner parties.

5. Every office leadership course is just leadership camp rehashed

Leadership development and trainings are mandatory in many offices. The key differences are that there are fewer trust falls, fewer snacks and are a lot less fun.

6. Early mornings and late nights are a piece of cake

Waking up early for stock shows, or staying up late practicing for CDE’s was routine. I’m pretty sure my affinity for cheap hotel coffee began during my first State Convention.

7. Interview skills

Every job interview I’ve ever had has been a breeze compared to my FFA scholarship interview.

8. Public speaking

FFA prepares you to conquer what is often cited as every adult’s greatest fear. Weather it’s simply saying the creed in class, prepping a set of judging reasons or participating in competitions, you’re one step ahead of many adults.

9. How to network

Actually, I’m still not sure if I know how to do this. In high school, I was mostly after cute boy’s numbers. At the very least, I learned a firm handshake and how to hang on to business cards.

10. Always be prepared

I was that girl who kept snacks or cough drops in my boot during horse judging contests.  Now I’m the “grown-up” who has jumper cables and tissues at the ready.

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