You Know You're An FFA Kid When: Things you find in your car

You Know You're An FFA Kid When: Things you find in your car

If you’re active in FFA you know the struggle of traveling all around the state, at least once a month. If you know this struggle, you also know the struggle of being so busy you never have time to clean out your car, which makes it difficult to chauffeur your friends around.

But, when you do have to scramble to make your car at least a little presentable, you find some pretty weird things only an FFA kid would find.

1. Mr. Sketch Markers

Whether you “accidentally” took one from a workshop, or you decided to buy a pack from the store, these markers seem to end up in odd places, like in the cracks between the seats in your car. And, of course, your non-FFA friends are fascinated by the fact that they smell absolutely delicious.

2. Old Conference Programs

After your long day at a state competition or a conference, you usually toss all your belongings in your car, and only take in what you absolutely need into the house, which leads to finding random programs and handouts. Even ones from 2013 … it is 2017 people.


3. Steno Pads

It seems when your friends get in your car for a long road trip, they get nosy about the items they find. They get pretty confused when they find a Steno Pad that has a bunch of numbers in no particular order and terms like “long bodied” or “wider based,” but for us, it's just a normal thing to find livestock judging notes in our car, room, and well anywhere you found to study.


4. Pantyhose

It is a rough life for us girls. If we had a dollar for every pair of pantyhose that got a run in them, we could buy three show calves and probably pay our way through college without financial aid. Whether it’s a box, wrapper, or torn up pair of pantyhose, you can find a few of each on the floor or in the trunk of your car. And of course you get more comments from your non-FFA friends like “nobody wears pantyhose anymore.” or “Oh my grandma has those, do they even sell those anywhere??”

5. Award pins

We all know how much of a pain it can be to pin our awards onto our jackets right away. So sometimes, they just sit in the cupholder or compartment of our cars until we have been asked for the thousandth time what they are. If your friends and family are like mine, they may have even pinned them onto the interior of your car somewhere.

6. Lint Roller

A lint roller is always a convenient thing to have in any car, but I bet not everyone’s is full of blue corduroy and black lint. Although it seems that when you need to clean off your pants or skirt, the lint roller miraculously disappears...

7. Notes from Friends

Whether it is State Camp, or Chapter Officer Leadership Training you always run into a friend that you do not get to see often due to the fact that you live on total opposite sides of the state. There is always the occasional note that you exchange and of course, like most other things you leave it in your car. Which at times comes in handy when you are having a bad day, you can always look at those notes for encouragement.

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