Remembering What Matters

Remembering What Matters

I’ll never forget the moment I was elected as an Arizona FFA State Vice President. Standing on stage, overlooking an audience I couldn’t see because the lights were so bright was a moment I hoped for since my sophomore year of high school, and it was everything that I dreamed it would be.

Now, one year later, I have retired my association jacket forever.

The high was the same. As I stood on the stage listening to members shout my name in celebration, the high was much the same as the year before. However, as rewarding as the moment was, it wasn’t the peak of my year of service.

As I reflect on my year of office, I know there were frustrations and acknowledge it wasn’t always easy. In fact, there were times I couldn’t wait for retirement to come; looking back, I don’t remember why.

Now, when I think about my year as a state officer, I think about the first night my team was together. We had dinner, raced go-carts and played mini golf. I think about our time in California at the beach boogie boarding and riding a rollercoaster. I think about walking the rim of Bryce Canyon in Utah in awe of its beauty. That summer was probably the best summer yet, learning so many new things and growing as a person.

I remember living on the road during chapter visit season learning how different chapters hold different events, and how the heart of the FFA truly is at the local level because they cater so well to the needs of their members. 


Now officially as a PSO (past state officer), I cherish the year I served as a state officer. I grew professionally, spiritually, and personally. And once again I find I don’t remember the frustrating moments, but rather all of the important moments.

Like the time a student at Greenhand Conference was too shy to receive her pin during the awards ceremony, but when I walked over to her afterward and handed it to her and said “great job”  her entire face light up. Or a member coming to you at COLT (chapter officer leadership training) to tell you that you inspired them and made then want to run for a chapter office and that’s why they’re at this conference.

All those little moments and little interactions are what matter, so at the end of the year, I found that I remember what matters.

The FFA is an amazing organization and I'm proud to be part of this organization.

To newly elected state officers, have fun! If you are enjoying this year and giving to everything that you’ve got, it will be worth it. Members always make it worth it! Remember you have so much power to make or break someone’s day, or even life! Use this power wisely!

I believe any PSO will agree with me, this year is absolutely insane! You’re traveling, you’re learning, you’re meeting new people; it’s so much to all take in, but in the end, it’ll be the best thing you’ve ever done!


To my team of recently retired officers, thank you for being a part of this incredible year with me. You have all taught me so much and have given me some of the best memories I have.

To the members of Arizona FFA, thank you for showing me what truly matters.  You have all inspired me so much and made this year so wonderful that I will never, ever forget it.

And finally, to anyone who’s not or never has been a state officer, this still applies. Life is short, but in this time you have so much power to make an impact! Use it, and use it for good! And always, always know that no matter what you won’t remember all of the reasons you were upset or frustrated, but you will always remember what matters!

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