What It's Really Like To Attend an FFA Banquet

FFA Banquets are the best of times and the worst of times. It’s really exciting to see your chapter represented well and the talent portion is...priceless. But the rest of it can be quite boring at times. Gosh, if you hear Carol’s election speech one more time, you might actually die… Mostly, we’re just here for the BBQ. For those of you who haven’t attended an FFA banquet, here’s what you can expect.

Welcome/Thank You's/Introductions

The biggest reason why it feels like this takes so long is because you likely don't know many of the people being recognized.  


God Bless the sweet, sweet smell of FFA banquet BBQ.

Meal Time

Is there anything better than sitting down and having a messy meal with all of your favorite people?


At first, you've overwhelmingly supportive. After all, these members worked really hard for this moment.

More Awards

Okay, so there were a few more names than your hands were prepared for... You will survive.

Still More Awards...

It's been 45 minutes already and this thing is still going strong. Check the program at your own peril.

The Talent Show

You honestly wonder if these people looked at their act in the mirror before deciding to be so public.

Officer Election

We know about the under cover campaigning, the bribes and the follows backs you've committed to get here. This is basically an episode of House of Cards. While we're all for some drama, this has to be the C-span of FFA...

Your Chapter's Officer Candidate

This is honestly the first and only time you have paid attention this entire time.

Their Conclusion

They. Nailed. It. You have never been more proud of an individual in your entire life. Mostly, you're glad this is the official last time you hear this speech.

A Few More Awards

Wait, didn't we do this earlier? You mean, we're not done?!

Administering Degrees

These are not the same as an award, and yet they are exactly the same as an award. Can we just please fall into a food coma now?

Closing Ceremonies

We can see it! The light at the end of the tunnel is near.

The Bus Ride Home

Thank goodness your AG teacher drove. This is one nap you have certainly earned. 

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