The Bargain Hunter's Guide to Official Dress

The Bargain Hunter's Guide to Official Dress

One of the beauties of being part of FFA is the official dress. Everyone looks so classy and polished. However, one single FFA jacket does not official dress make. There are many moving parts involved and these are, unfortunately, not included with your jacket purchase. Included is a breakdown of the official FFA dress code and how you can bargain shop your way to style.


The building block of official dress is, obviously, the staple FFA jacket. Ordering from the official FFA shop is not a money saver with jackets priced $50-$75 depending on which one you get. You may be able to make a much better deal with your FFA chapter or Ag teacher on one that your chapter already owns.


Tie or Scarf:

The next piece of apparel you are required to have is an FFA necktie or scarf. Again, these are available through the FFA shop ranging from $12.50-$24.50 for ties or $10.50 for a scarf. Both the tie and scarf feature four unique designs and styles. Check with your FFA chapter as they may have extras that can be borrowed for  F.R.E.E.



A white, collared shirt must be worn underneath the jacket. My FFA chapter recommended that shirt cuffs be visible, under the jacket, at the wrist. However, a  sleeveless, white, collared shirt may be worn. We found the men’s shirt for $10 at Walmart and the women’s shirt from for $9.83.


Slacks or Skirt:

Moving down, the official dress guidelines require either black slacks or a black skirt.  Slacks need to fit well and skirts need to reach below the knee. A kick pleat in the skirt is desirable for a better range of motion. We found slacks at Kohl’s for $19.99 and the skirt at H&M for $12.99.


Socks or Hosiery:

Socks and hosiery must be black except for select states who make an exception to allow nude hosiery but do not apply this to socks. Socks need to be shin high at least to avoid showing skin when seated. We found a six pack of these black dress socks on for $7.99. L’eggs brand pantyhose are available at nearly all large retailers and are available in both black and nude for approximately $1.50.



Shoes, in line with the above articles of clothing, but also be black. Leather is preferable as it is a classy, all-weather material. Shoes must also feature a closed toe and heel which follows widely accepted business professional attire guidelines. For ladies, the only extra specification is the heel generally does not exceed 2-2.5 inches. At least this still allows for comfort. We found the men’s dress shoe on clearance at Payless for $25.00. The women’s pump is available at for $16.99.

Have some amazing dress-for-less tips? Share them with us in the comments.

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