10 Christmas Must-Haves for the FFA Member in Your Life

10 Christmas Must-Haves for the FFA Member in Your Life


Are you the parent of an FFA member? BFF? Grandparent? Whatever role you may play in the lives of these students who learn to do, do to learn, and live to serve, here are a few items to consider adding to their Christmas list!

1. Panty hose

If your FFA member is a girl, you KNOW she goes through nylons faster than the store can stock them. This one is a no-brainer, and makes for a useful stocking stuffer! 


2. Shoe shine

Keep your FFA members’ heels or black dress shoes clean and sharp with some shoe shine. In the same vein, offer to take their FFA jacket into the cleaners. I can’t remember how many times I spilled food on mine back in the day.


3. A backup FFA scarf or tie

I can’t even remember how many times a fellow FFA member of mine in high school forgot their scarf or tie. Let your FFA member be the hero by getting them a spare.


4. An official FFA jacket

Is your FFA member an incoming freshman or needing a new size? Buy them their very first (or updated) FFA jacket.

Pro tip: Be sure to check with their advisor to make sure they don’t buy them in bulk to save money for the chapter. This could save you a few bucks!


5. A customized FFA Carhartt jacket

Having one myself, I can say these things are the BOMB. They come in pink and national blue, and are collared and hooded. Carhartt jackets are probably already a staple in their closet, but raise the bar by having their name embroidered on a new one. Check them out here


6. Apparel, apparel, apparel

If there’s one thing FFA members LOVE, it’s t-shirts! Coming in a close second is any other clothing items with the FFA brand on them. Shop all things tshirts, sweat pants, sweat shirts, accessories and more at shop.ffa.org.


7. FFA collectibles and memorabilia

If there’s one place I love to do my online shopping, it’s shop.ffa.org. It’s full of great gift items such as branded cups, graduation ropes, embroidered corduroy pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, lanyards and everything else you can think of. I love shopping on here for advisors and other FFA members in my life. Better get on and start scrolling!


8. Give the gift of blue

A special program within the National FFA, with your donation, FFA members across the nation who can’t afford it can wear a blue jacket of their own. Questions? Contact GveBlue@FFA.org to learn more or visit ffa.org/giveblue.


9. Their next registration fee or member dues

While some chapters may pay registration fees, oftentimes they need some cash to attend a conference, or some spending money for dinner before a big contest. Seek out the chapter’s events calendar and surprise them next time they’re in need.


10. Support their fundraiser

Does their chapter sell fruit? Cookie dough? T-shirts? Whatever their fundraiser, show your support buy purchasing a few items. Oftentimes the chapter will set goals, so help out however you can!

Cover photo courtesy of Western Hills High School FFA Chapter


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