Tips on Recruiting New FFA Members

Tips on Recruiting New FFA Members

Recruiting new FFA members is usually tricky, and not always as easy as shooting a fish in a barrel. With these tips, you’re sure to reel in some new recruits!


1. Send out postcard invitations

Planning a chapter-wide Christmas party? Invite some younger students to join you, even if they’re not in FFA. They’ll be able to see how fun being an FFA member could be.

2. Plan school visits

Visiting your high school’s feeder schools or other middle schools in your area is proven to be quite effective in recruiting new FFA members. Being able to stand up confidently and share your awesome FFA stories will leave them in awe, not being able to wait to join.

3. Plan FFA week attractions

FFA week is an awesome time to plan some amazing events to draw attention! One event in particular is bring your tractor to school day. It’s an effective attention grabber, and students (whether or not they own a tractor) will be looking forward to this day all year!

4. Volunteer!

Volunteering around the community provides several unique opportunities to recruit new members. Being able to serve those around you while teaching others about the good things FFA does is an awesome way to teach parents as well. If parents see you doing good things, they will want their children to join!

5. Keep up with social media

Running an active Facebook or Twitter page is a great way to show the public about everything your chapter does. This is an indirect recruiting method as you are not necessarily targeting those who may soon be joining FFA. However, if you push your content in a strategic way, they’ll be going into FFA saying, “Hey, I remember when that was posted to Facebook. It looked so fun!”

6. Reach out to individuals

Use your current membership to work for the chapter! Oftentimes, the Greenhands in your FFA chapter know the students in the grade below them. Have them reach out to individuals who they think would succeed in the FFA! Word of mouth is a very effective method of recruiting as it is the most personal and very powerful.

7. Freebies!

At all your events where potential FFA members are present, hand out attendance freebies or door prizes! Who doesn’t love free stuff??

Pro Tip: Reach out to local businesses to see if they’d like to sponsor some giveaways. It’s effective advertising for them and helps you recruit members in the process. Win-win!

8. Recruit during fundraisers

Fundraisers. We all have them! Not only do they help support the chapter financially, but you can use it to your advantage in terms of recruiting. While selling your items, recruit new members by selling to them or their parents to gain awareness.

9. Build a strong chapter

While this tip sounds indirect, it’s actually one of the most important tips I’ll give to you today. Who wants to be a part of something that may not help them improve their leadership, personal growth and career success? Building a strong chapter where students can flourish and get excited about the future of agriculture is something that will recruit more FFA members than any of these other tips.

10. “FFA is for everyone”

Throughout all your recruiting efforts, pushing the message that FFA is for everyone and not just for “farm kids” will help establish the image of FFA being all-inclusive to those who may be on the fence about joining. I personally know a lot of FFA members who joined because someone told they being a farm kid was not requirement #1!

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