10 Things Every FFA Member Should Experience

10 Things Every FFA Member Should Experience

Wearing that blue corduroy jacket is an honor. You have experiences that no other organization can give you. Here are 10 things everyone in FFA should experience.

1. The thrill of zipping up your jacket for the first time

The first time I zipped up my jacket, a million thoughts ran through my head. I wondered where this jacket would take me and all the memories I would make in it. That jacket hasn’t disappointed me since that day.


2. Seeing a sea of blue 

While we are on the topics of major firsts, seeing the sea of blue jackets in a crowd is an amazing sight that stops you dead in your tracks. It makes your heart skip a beat.


3. A competition of some sort

There are 25 Career Development Events (CDE) in the FFA. With competitions ranging from public speaking, meat evaluation, floriculture and even job interview, there is a spot for everyone. The pride of when you win or succeed in an event is worth every second you spent studying. All of the time on a bus, and every fear you had. It is worth it all. Not only do you get the feeling of pride and accomplishment but you also learn something new. Before I joined meat evaluation, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I didn’t know how to formulate meat or the difference between a T-bone and a porterhouse steak. Today, I help coach and prep our current team, in hopes of winning state. Competitions bring you closer to people you never would have talked to otherwise. Overall, CDEs are a great way to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.


4. National Convention

National Convention is like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. You get to meet amazing people, see amazing site, and gain close relationships with fellow FFA members. Everyone in FFA should experience National Convention at least once in their FFA career.


5. Run for an office

I know high school is a crazy time but holding an office is an incredibly fun time. I have made countless friends through being an officer. When you spend hours together with a group of people, they become your family. You gain a close relationship with your ag advisor, like no other teacher-student relationship. Running for an office pushes you out of your comfort zone. It causes you to do things you never thought you could see yourself doing.


6. Mentor younger members

Sometimes young members don’t even know where to start. Everyone should have the experience of helping younger members find out where they belong. The joy on their faces when they succeed is truly amazing.


7. Go on an overnight trip.

Overnight trips are some of the best nights of your life. You gain amazing relationships, stay up way to late, and learn things about people you may have never known. One trip I went on the pool was closed so we went to Walmart. There we got nerf guns and bullets and proceeded to have a nerf war in our hotel lobby. It’s memories like these that you will never forget.


8. Attend a lock in

Similar to going on an overnight trip, FFA lock ins are the time of your life. At our lock in, we played volleyball at 1 am, karaoke at 2 am, and at 3 am pushed people around in a shopping cart. Lock ins show you the 3 am version of people, which helps you get to know them even better than before.


9. Attend a banquet

Attending a banquet lets you see how a meeting is run. It let you see all the awards that are given out, and hopefully let you receive one or two. It’s usually a pretty emotional part of the year, see as it’s the end of the seniors FFA career. I’m not going to lie; I’ve cried at our banquets more than once.


10. Create memories you will never forget

Every FFA chapter hold millions of memories and inside jokes that no one ever forgets. You should walk about from you chapter, senior year, with a million and two memories and friendships that last forever.


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