Top Christmas Gifts to Say Thank You to Your Ag Teacher

Top Christmas Gifts to Say Thank You to Your Ag Teacher

Christmas - the most wonderful time of the year where everything is so merry and bright. This time of year is by far my favorite. It is this time of year we celebrate the best gift - Jesus! And just like those wise men loved to give him gifts that night, I also love to give gifts, especially to the ones that give to us the most. Ag advisors give so much to us throughout the year that the least we can do is give back to them at Christmas time. So, here is a few gift ideas for you FFA advisors and ag teachers!

A planner

We all know ag teachers are super busy people, from deadlines to making it on time to competitions to school-wide events. They probably need some assistance to remember everything! If your ag teacher is the type thats tries to stay as organized as possible (because we all know that one ag teacher who isn't...) a nice planner will go a long way.

A gift card

You can never go wrong with a gift card. Walmart, Bass Pro Shop, Starbucks, or a restaurant card will always be an excellent gift. Ag teachers travel so much and spend plenty of money on food when gone, so giving them a card they can use whenever and wherever is useful.


Have your officer team all make an ornament and sign it - something to remember you for many Christmases to come!


Autographed team picture

Along the same lines of having something your teacher can remember you for many years to come, you could even throw in an autographed officer or CDE team picture in with any other gift idea for them to display on their desk or classroom. 

Personalized clothing

Order them an advisor shirt from National FFA or a jacket with your chapter name on it. Ag teachers love to represent your chapter, and on trips they will be easy spot in your chapter's clothing!

Owl themed items

They are stationed by the owl after all! Anything owl themed will great in their room, like miniature statues, owl coffee mugs or plaques.

via  Etsy

via Etsy

New keychain or lanyard

Your ag teacher probably had a ton of keys between the ag room, the shop, barn, greenhouse, sheds and more. Get them a cute lanyard (FFA themed of course) to keep up with the keys they have to have!

Gift basket

Whether it's a basket with things that are their favorite color, their favorite road trip snacks, or anything else to make them feel special, a gift basket will be useful in many ways. 

Extra School Supplies

Pens, pencils, markers, erasers - seems simple but all ag teachers need them!


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