Show Appreciation to Your School Administration

Show Appreciation to Your School Administration

Odds are, your school administration probably does a lot for your FFA chapter, from helping you run fundraisers to allowing you to miss an insane amount of school for competitions and conferences. They also probably do a lot of behind the scenes action for your chapter. So, here is a few, easy, simple ways you can say thank you!

1. Donuts for breakfast

Order a few dozen donuts to leave in the teachers lounge or just bring some and drop them off at your administrative office. They will love the surprise. If it’s from your chapter, you could even include a cute saying like "Donut You Know We Wouldn't Survive Without You!"

2. Potluck meal & facilities tour

Have your chapter host a lunch for your principal, secretary, superintendent and even teachers. Everyone can bring a dish to serve. If they don’t get to see the ag building often, you can even give them a tour of your department and show off some of the things your chapter does.

3. Bring treats to a board meeting

Your school board does a lot of the behind the scene work...and if they are like mine they are very passionate about the FFA program. Make some homemade treats like “barnyard cookies” or “haystacks” and drop off before the next board meeting.

4. Highlight a staff member each week on your chapter's social media pages

Give a shout out to a member of your administration for helping your chapter!

5. Decorate a teachers lounge 

Make some wall decor, holiday decor or even a table and chairs in your shop classes to put in your teachers lounge.

6. Surprise them on their birthdays

Find out when everyone’s birthdays are and bring a surprise for them like a birthday card signed from various FFA members. 

7. Recognize holidays for them

From National Principals Week to National Teachers Day... posting on social media, bring a gift, or even just saying thank you will make them feel loved and appreciated.

8. Volunteer day

Find a way to help out your school staff - maybe they need copies made or you could help clean an office!

9. Thank you end of year party

Throw a party with cake and ice cream for all the staff to say thank you.

10. A thank you note

Nothing is better than a handwritten thank you note to show your appreciation.


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