10 Signs Your Ag Teacher Was Your Parent

10 Signs Your Ag Teacher Was Your Parent

My mom was my ag teacher. Not everyone can truly understand how bittersweet of an experience that was, but for fellow ag teachers’ kids, these 10 situations will probably ring a bell.

1. You have been attending stock shows, conventions and other activities since you were born.

On the plus side, you knew the ins and outs of every event by the time you were old enough to participate.

2. You stayed late at school Every. Single. Night.

At least until you could drive. Since your parent was also your ride to school, you couldn’t leave until they left. On an ag teacher’s schedule, that was often 9 p.m., and sometimes even later. Fortunately, you were always able to finish your homework before you actually got home.

3. Everyone assumed you would also be an ag teacher.

Whether or not you have ever claimed you aspire to become an ag teacher, everyone assumes that is your goal. Some people embrace it and follow in their parent’s footsteps. Others, like me, did everything possible to prove everyone wrong.

4. Your SAE was planned out long before you were old enough to be an FFA member.

In my case, my grandpa gave me my first calf when I was about seven. Her name was Bossy, and she was definitely not a show calf, but she was a great first step toward building my herd.

5. You often worked twice as hard as others while only getting half the credit from your ag teacher/parent.

Your parent held you to a higher standard than their other students since you had been around all of the FFA activities since you could walk. This meant you had to spend twice as many hours practicing, studying, cleaning, reciting, etc., but it set you up to be a hard worker in everything you do.

6. You never got to share a hotel room with your friends on FFA trips.

Since your parent was always on the trip, you always stayed with them instead of in the “fun” room. It probably kept you out of a lot of trouble, though.

7. Your idea of a balanced meal is carrying a bag of chips and a bucket of feed while leading a calf.

You gotta do what you gotta do to get some food on those long stock show days.

8. You know where your summer vacations will be two years in advance.

State FFA convention, ag teacher’s conference (because you always got dragged along), junior national shows, etc., were the closest you ever got to an actual vacation.

9. You frequently had a reeeeeeeeeeeally early wake-up call.

Any time there was an early-morning event, you were awake by at least 4:30, if not earlier. Because your parent had to be the first person to arrive, so did you. This may have led to a premature coffee addiction.

10. You shared many valuable memories with your parent/ag teacher.

Because you spent so much time doing the things you love with your parent, you have a lot of great memories. I will never forget the crazy conversations I had with my mom while driving home at 2 a.m. from a convention or a stock show because I was the designated “keep the driver awake” person or all of the lessons I learned without realizing I was learning them.




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