10 Things You May Not Know About National FFA Officers’ Convention Prep

10 Things You May Not Know About National FFA Officers’ Convention Prep

Before Convention:

1. National FFA Officers don’t live in a house.

Each time they arrive to Indianapolis, the officer team finds their way to a hotel near the FFA center. Although it’s not a physical house, it sure feels like home by the time they reach convention!

2. They spend a lot of time channeling their creativity.

All of the words you hear on-stage, whether it’s introducing a speaker, cracking a joke, or giving a retiring address, are written and prepared by the national officers themselves.

3. They go shopping!

Saturday night after convention adjourns and the team retires, the officers head to the National FFA Advisors’ reception as Alumni members. Since they no longer wear their FFA jackets, they go shopping before convention to find a dress or suit for the occasion!

4. They work from home.

The team not only spends time preparing together in Indianapolis, but they also spend two weeks at home, on their own, practicing and perfecting their scripts, speeches, and retiring addresses to bring back to Indy for convention.

5. Their timeline for convention preparations is a little over a month.

Believe it or not, the national officers plan all of their convention materials in about six weeks. Don’t be fooled though, there are A LOT of people other than the national officers who make the National FFA Convention & Expo happen each year. (We’re talking hundreds of people.)

During Convention:

6. They know their lines.

Many people have noticed and assume that the headphone in the officers’ ears are for feeding lines, but that’s a myth! They actually use the headphone to tell jokes to the officers during longer ceremonies or give them cues for when to take the stage.

7. They are taking care of business.

Between all of the lights, music, and messages you see on stage, the team is also busy taking care of business during convention. They attend the National FFA Board of Directors Meeting and help complete the Delegate Process throughout the week.

8. They have family by their side.

All the national officers’ families are at convention to support and celebrate with them. You can even say “hi” to them in the reserved seating behind the Secretary’s Desk inside the arena!

9. They also can’t wait to hear retiring addresses!

Before convention, they don’t listen to their teammates' retiring addresses. So, just like every other member in the arena, the national officers are waiting to hear the inspiring messages their teammates have to tell during convention.

10. They are on the edge of their seats.

The question is often asked whether the national officer team knows who is getting elected to the next team or not, and guess what! They have no idea either. They, too, are incredibly anxious to hear the results at the end of the final session!

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