OD Lifehacks That Will Change Your Life

OD Lifehacks That Will Change Your Life

Official Dress is the best and worst part of being involved in the FFA. It’s the best because it heightens a sense of belonging and togetherness among members. It’s timeless class is why we haven’t seen many changes to the style. However, the worst part of official dress is keeping all the moving parts in working order. Let’s cover some basic life hacks that will take your OD experience to the next level and, let’s be honest, change your life! 

Hack #1. Perfecting Pin Placement

If you’re anything like me, crookedness drives you crazy. I can’t explain why this weird phenomenon has such an effect on me but staring at crooked officer/award pins is definitely in my top five pet peeves. So let’s fix that.

Place a small piece of cardboard inside your jacket and push your pin through it. Ultimately, you are sandwiching your jacket and the cardboard between the pin and pin back. This will ensure your pins never spin again.

Hack #2. Scuff-B-Gone

Your dress shoes aren’t comfortable but at least they’re clean. Right? Probably not. I am super hard on my shoes. They get scraped against things, thrown in the bottom of my suitcase, subbed out for flats (at every opportunity) and traipsed through as many gravel parking lots as my AG teacher can find. Now, I realize I’m talking about heels, but guys, this life hack works for you too.

Simply take a banana peel and rub it on your shoe with the inside of the peel in contact with the affected areas of the shoe. The resin from the inside of the banana peel polishes your shoes and helps fill in the scuffs.

Hack #3. Jacket Bulge Eliminator

The FFA jacket is made with a difficult fabric to flatter in. It’s hot and cold at the same time and somehow, even as thick as it is, can get wrinkled. What!? This jacket is an enigma. In addition to those trials and tribulations, forget trying to flirt while sitting down in that thing. It never fails to bulge out right at your midsection. Well folks, there’s a hack for that.

While seated, use both of your hands, slightly less than shoulder width apart, and grab the bottom hemline of your jacket. Fold the hemline inward, towards your belly button, one time. Never suffer another jacket bulge again.

Hack #4. Pantyhose Protection

Okay gentlemen, this one you can tune out for. The most difficult part of official dress is keeping pantyhose in one piece. Usually, I just resort to having a separate pair for every day I’ll need to be in official dress, but that’s more money than I would like to spend on nylon. Instead, use hairspray to strengthen the fabric.

Any hairspray will work for this but avoid products that contain glitter or that are tinted for certain hair colors because, once sprayed, that will definitely show on your black, stretchy backdrop. Coat your pantyhose with a moderate amount of hairspray and allow to dry. The hair spray acts on pantyhose the same way it does with your hair, keeping fabric strong and in place. You’re welcome.

Do you have an OD lifehack that the world can’t live without? Share it in the comments.

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