9 Life Lessons from Older Cows

9 Life Lessons from Older Cows

Throughout my time on our farm, working the ladies from pasture to pasture, I’ve watched juvenile heifer develop into sophisticated well-aged cows, and grow into their personalities. There are a few lessons we all could learn from these wise souls within the herd.

  1. Be selfish. Push for that top spot at the feed bunk, bellow loudly to get the attention you want. Putting yourself first should always be a priority when it comes to health, food, and self-care.

  2. Give love unconditionally. Twister, one of my favorites recently, had premature twins, which were not able to be saved due to natural causes. I watched her friend Sugar comfort her by placing her head gently on top of her shoulder and then lick her for a few seconds.  Compassion for others speaks volumes to those who struggling with the daily waves of life. Give hugs or provide a listening ear because everyone appreciates knowing that they are valued during those dark moments.

  3. Know the rules are meant to be broken.

  4. Own your self-worth.

  5. Put in the work and reap the benefits. Older cows have earned their seniority and keep by being good mamas. They work hard for their spot at the bunk to get their food, work hard in raising their calves and work hard to survive the crazy weather. When put effort and time into a project or life in general , you tend to reap some rewards like a vacation or a bigger tax return

  6. Pick your fights wisely.

  7. Don’t shit where you eat. (literally) 

  8. Surprise others. 

  9. Invest in friendships. Your friends are like your second family - while you don’t share blood, you have opportunity’s to share love, adventures and laughs. Stay close with those who are bold enough to test the weak electric fence and dare to go off the cow-path and lick the windows of a BMW that lives behind said electric fence.







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