10 Different Ag Majors as Ron Swanson GIFs

10 Different Ag Majors as Ron Swanson GIFs

If you're anything like me, you're always searching for relatable content online. I am bombarded with posts like "College Majors as Michael Scott Quotes" or a similar pop-culture icon. What irritates me most is that there are never any posts relating to my major.

As I'm sure you've guessed by now, I am a huge advocate for agriculture. What you also might not know is that I'm also a "Parks & Recreation" aficionado.

How fitting it is to have a plethora of Leslie Knope or #TreatYoSelf gifs available at hand that are so applicable to the everyday life of an #AgMajor! Ron Swanson is one of my favorite characters, and I am unafraid to admit that I spend an unnecessary amount of time wondering what Ron would say about my academic choices.

So, here I am to remedy my own problem and (hopefully) satisfy any questions you might have had about the perfect Ron Swanson .gif for your major...

1. Agricultural Business & Economics

This is every Ag Biz kid in AREC 212 (or really any Ag Ec course), amirite?

2. Food Science

You foodies are so particular about your meals, and you should be! Honestly, I've seen the Sensory Evaluation Lab down in Food Science. Yes, I am jealous at the mere thought of tasting food for college credit.

3. Animal Industries

Animal Industries focuses on the producer aspect of animal agriculture and the methods and practices of raising and processing meat animals. Fresh meats, genetics, repro, bacon, livestock evaluation, beef, sheep, swine... did I mention bacon?

4. Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Contrary to popular belief, we Pre-Vet majors don't spend every moment of every day with puppies. We wish we did, though, right? Here we are to satisfy that burning desire for puppy love rather than another Organic Chemistry course...

5. Forestry

Y'all, anyone who knows anything about foresters knows about the permits and regulations and paperwork that goes into savin' some trees. Don't you all wish it could be this easy at the end of the day?!

6. Wildlife & Fisheries

I envy you, O' Wildlife & Fisheries majors! You spend your days working with some of the coolest species and learn in some of the most unique environments. UT is home to a Society of American Foresters-accredited accredited Wildlife & Fisheries program, and this gif is most certainly the epitome of the joy you guys and gals get from being outdoors!

7. Agricultural Education

Don't lie. You know you feel this way every time that one kid (you know which one!) looks at you funny while you're on the last leg of student teaching. You love your FFA kids and your 4-H'ers with all your heart. Lesson plans and activities are your passion, but does he really have to test you like this?!

8. Agricultural Communications

As an Ag Comm major, I can confirm that this is me 9/10 times when my camera doesn't work. Or when I'm working on a website. (Or really doing any communication at all because #introverted for days...)

9. Turfgrass & Landscaping

Y'all know you're good. You know more about grass and sod and irrigation systems and urban environmental design better than anybody. Don't let that Lowe's man think for a minute he knows more about lawn upkeep than you!

10. Dairy Science

Dairy kids are some of my favorite people. A complete 360 from my usual beef cattle crowd, dairy folks are near magical. Don't come at them when it comes to their industry or their passion. They're in their major for a reason, and the dairy industry in Tennessee is a tight-knit family. When farmers hurt, we all hurt. Dairy kids are a force to be reckoned with!



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