5 Reasons Why I Chose Agriculture, And Continue To Choose It Every Day

5 Reasons Why I Chose Agriculture, And Continue To Choose It Every Day

When people hear I am majoring in Agricultural Leadership Education, I get many blank faces of trying to decipher what this major means. They wonder what does this major mean or even why I chose the agriculture industry? As I have continued down my path, I have realized I cannot be angry or upset when people may not understand this industry. 

This is a learning experience for both the individual and me. 

These are the deciding factors of why I chose agriculture.

1. Dig your roots


I come from a small town in rural Central Illinois and have grown up on a farm for my entire life. I think of periods of my life in "Planting" and "Harvesting" seasons and the other periods of times as preparation for the two hectic seasons. I grew up riding on my grandpa's lap in the combine, riding in the passenger seat in my family's Semi with my dad, and driving our Ranger to help pour seed into the planter. 

It is because of living on a farm that sparked my interested in the agriculture industry. Living on a farm gave me an appreciation of nature, the world around us, and the importance of what my family has been doing for over one hundred years.

I dug my roots in the agriculture industry when I was little walking around in my little work boots and now in my high heels as I continue down my path in the agriculture industry.

2. I believe in the future of agriculture


Even though I grew up on a farm, there was a part of a better understanding of the agriculture industry that I was missing. On the surface, I saw what my family was doing, but thinking deeper I did not understand the impact Harding Farms was doing. It is because of my agriculture education classes I took in high school and now in college that has helped me gain a more well-rounded perspective of the industry. 

It was the years of wearing a blue corduroy jacket learning about livestock, business meetings, and record bookkeeping that has shaped me into who I am. 

The FFA Creed is a five-paragraph piece of writing that describes FFA members' passions about the agriculture industry. The last piece of the FFA Creed states, "I believe that American agriculture can and will hold true to the best traditions of our national life and that I can exert an influence in my home and community which will stand solid for my part in that inspiring task." 

I learned the FFA Creed over six years ago, and this line sticks with me because I understand the importance of my part in this industry.

3. Sustainability is key


Agriculture has been a major key to this world for centuries, from teaching the basics of planting crops to upcoming technology. Throughout the evolution of agriculture, sustainability has been a huge part of it and that is why I want to be a part of it. To help continue this industry down the right path for years to come.

Being sustainable is being able to last throughout all periods of times, the good and the bad. In my opinion, the ultimate goal of the agriculture industry as a whole is continuously working towards feeding the world with sustainable methods.  As fades and tastes change, agriculture will change too not only to last but most importantly to help the people we work for.

4. Find your passion


One thing that I have learned throughout my life is if you are going to do something, do it with passion.  Whether it was playing basketball when I was younger or working towards my career today, if you are not passionate about it then it will make it hard to do. I am passionate about educating others, not just in the classroom but in every location, about the agriculture industry. My goal in life is to work for an agriculture organization and spread awareness of agriculture. 

As time goes on more and more people are being separated from farming. Only 2%of Americans are farmers, but that 2% is helping to feed the world. There is a large population that does not truly understand the agriculture industry, and I want to help bridge that gap to help others make sound decisions in what the do but also help find others' passions in agriculture as well. 

5. Be the change


When many hear the words "agriculture," farming comes to mind. Even though farming is vital to the agriculture industry, there is much more than farming in the agriculture industry. Over 1 in 4 jobs in Illinois are agriculturally related, and they are not just trade-jobs. If you can think of it, there is most likely a career in agriculture. 

Whether it is animal nutrition, engineering, or working in public relations, agriculture has a job for that. I want to work in the agriculture industry because I know that to be involved in the change and help the future of this industry. I want to help educate, not just in the classroom, but everyone about what the agriculture industry and where it is going.

Agriculture is critical to everyone, whether you are from a rural farming community like me or grew up in the city. I chose this industry because I want to help the world, by helping to feed and clothe individuals all over the globe.

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