10 Things That Are True When You're From The Midwest

10 Things That Are True When You're From The Midwest

Ahh the midwest. Many people who are not from the midwestern states consider the midwest to be a "fly over state" full of corn fields and a bunch of open spaces. However, what they may or may not know is that us midwesterners have our own personality that comes with living in the midwest.

1. Whenever a midwesterner bumps into someone they are bound to say "Ope!"

I am especially guilty for this one and I thought that this was just something that I do. Apparently, it is very common among other midwesterners as well.


2. Saying "I'm sorry" about 50 times for something that is not even our fault.

Since we are generally known for being kind people, we always say "I'm sorry" no matter what. Even if we had nothing to do with what happened.


3. We are known for being overall very nice people.

Many visitors to the midwest states usually compliment the midwest people for being very friendly drivers. For the most part this is true, however, they clearly have not met some people on the road who will pass you just to turn the same direction that you are going as well. :(


4. We know how to have a good time on those back roads.

Summer nights under the the stars leave all of us with the best memories. Whether it be at county fair or just having a bonfire with friends on the river front. We will find a good time or make our own. :)


5. We value our family and keep them very close.

Family is everything to us here in the midwest. We tend to live very close to our family members and we do everything together. That is why they mean so much to us.



6. Soda or Pop? Here in Nebraska, it is mainly called pop.

Okay, people it is POP!!!!!


7. Midwesterners have a really tough skin to endure brutal winters.

Speaking from experience here in Nebraska, the weather can go from sunny and 75 degrees to 25 degrees and 50 mph winds. You have to have tough skin to endure that kind of change, and only certain people can endure that brutality.



8. We REALLY enjoy our food here in the midwest.

I mean we have Runza, Valentinos, punch pizza, puppy chow, snicker salad, deep dish pizza, pulled pork sandwiches, Sweet Martha's cookies, fried oreos, any hot dish, Chicago-style hot dogs, and pronto dogs! The list just goes on and on.....



9. When there is an oncoming storm with a high chance of a tornado, well, we would rather sit outside and watch the show.


I am guilty of this, and so is my whole family! When a thunderstorm is rolling in we go outside on the porch and observe as it rolls closer to our home. However, once the tornado sirens start to go off well we may or may not go inside.

10. We have no accent.

We definitely do not have an accent such as that in the south or east. However, some people may argue that we do have some sort of accent. When I was in London, I was hospitalized because I ate a nut (go figure) and in the hospital everyone kept staring at me very intently when I would talk. Well, they finally asked me where I was from and I told them Nebraska which is in the United States. My nurse who was from Nigeria, said she absolutely LOVED my accent! I couldn't believe that because she had a very strong accent in my opinion. It was just very funny to have people say that I have a strong accent!

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