The road to successful media marketing… is not paved

The road to successful media marketing… is not paved

Kate Hagans //

Kate Hagans //

Mark Zuckerberg once said, “The question isn’t ‘what do we want to know about people?’ It’s, what do people want to tell about themselves?”

Now more than ever, the importance of agriculture’s role in online media is critical to the success of a producer’s operation. This is not to be mistaken for an easy or unimportant task.

If we don’t tell our true story, someone else will tell the wrong one.

Social media is not only used to brand yourself or a business online, but should also be a main key used to define agriculture to an unfamiliar audience.

What we once thought was common knowledge to the average American, is now not falling on deaf ears. Large-scale operations that have been operated by single families for generations are now viewed as another type of “factory farm.”

According to Sprout Social, more than 60 percent of Facebook users are Millennials. About 8 percent of users are Baby Boomers.

Some of you may be thinking, “we get the point, 18-34-year-olds are the main users of Facebook. And yeah, mom and dad ‘think’ they know what they’re doing when they just have an account to stalk Aunt Judy.”

But let’s consider with these current demographics, the agricultural industry is set up for an impactful future with digital marketing.

In the next 10 years, we will see a transition where the Baby Boomer parents or grandparents (who sign the checks at the end of the day) will complete their succession planning to their Millennials sons and daughters.

Along with this transition, the decision-making power will also be handed down. Thus, those with the decision-making skills will be heavily influenced by social media marketing.

The “How”

The road to successful digital marketing includes quality content and engagement. Your digital community will build itself quality photos, active engage and skillful marketing.

This road isn’t paved. With the transition of Millennials into power, Digital marketing and having a respectable online presence matters now more than ever. Soon, the head-honcho of an operation will take into consideration the influence of online marketing.

The possibilities are endless. Are they looking for a new herd bull, equipment or even factual information? So, market your business right. Doing so will attract new and interested customers.

To do so, engage proactively and reactively – the better you do this the more engaged your followers will be.


Two percent of Americans are involved in agriculture.


The two percent must educate the ninety-eight percent.

And how will we do this? Engagement.

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