6 Ag Tech Startups Changing the Game

6 Ag Tech Startups Changing the Game

A career in agriculture? Oh, you must want to be a farmer.

Since it’s 2017, we’re going to throw the stale conversations and brass assumptions out the window of our shiny, new pickup and focus on up-and-coming companies making waves in the agricultural and food industries.



This livestock managing platform - already used on six continents - allows ranchers to track and catalog the smallest details per head like inventory, nutrition needs, and vaccinations.

ClearLabs Inc.

This supply-chain based software helps purchasers, like grocery stores, select wares from only the best suppliers, which will help drastically reduce the probability of foodborne illness outbreaks.


This startup features advanced crop tracking capabilities with in-field sensors that provide water on a per plant basis instead of employing the old system of watering an entire field to ensure proper irrigation for the crop. This could be huge in terms of sustainability and efficiency.

Farmers Business Network

Seeking ways to compete with larger operations is something every small farmer and rancher struggles to manage. FBN compiles this data, having connected over 3,400 small farms already with the information they need to take advantage of their markets.

Full Harvest

Amazingly, 20 billion pounds of ‘ugly’ produce goes to waste every year in the US alone. Full Harvest connects farmers with retailers in a marketplace specifically for selling the less than perfect product.


Stepping back from the software-based strategies coming onto the scene, mOasis has developed a non-toxic gel additive that holds water near your plant’s roots releasing moisture as the soil becomes dry. Already tested on broccoli crops, farmers using this saw a 30 percent increase in yield using 25 percent less water.

The food chain and the challenges throughout are vast, which means agriculture doesn’t end at harvest. From living in remote, rural towns to pushing policy while living in a downtown high-rise, the career paths without our industry are expansive. New technologies are proving to give ag a facelift while simultaneously making tremendous strides at feeding the fast-growing world population, pioneering new methods for food production, economic strategy, and national security.

Bottom line: ag tech startups are changing the game.

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