10 Things a Farmer Wants to See on Christmas

10 Things a Farmer Wants to See on Christmas

Five gifts that can be placed under the tree:

1. Carhartt bibs

Let’s be honest, those old bibs that have holes in them and are frayed around all the seams probably are not keeping the farmer very warm! Whether they think so or not the bibs should be replaced more than every fifty years.

Carhartt bibs.jpg

2. Model of their favorite tractor

Whether they love that old International Model M in the shed or the John Deere 4640 that helps them plant every year, having one that sits on their desk, that doesn’t have to go get dirty, is always the best.

International Model M.jpg

3. Bluetooth earpiece

Farmers are the most talkative people and when it comes to doing two things at once, sometimes it’s a little difficult. Between the gossiping with their farmer friends and trying to keep up with stuff at the farm, they need two hands.

Bluetooth earpiece.png

4. Orange Goop

We all know that Goop is a farmer’s best friend. Whether it be the liquid or the wipes, they can never have enough.

Orange Goop.jpg

5. Leather work gloves

How many pairs of gloves does a farmer lose in one season? Too many, so it’s better to have extra.

Leather work gloves.jpg

...and here are five gifts that cannot necessarily fit under the tree:

1. Healthy livestock

Being able to walk in the barn to do chores and know the animals are healthy is a blessing. This is the farmers profit, and knowing that they do not have to spend excess costs on antibiotics helps the bottom line of the farm.


2. Perfect weather conditions

It doesn’t matter if they are a livestock or a crop farmer, having ideal weather can make or break the year. Crop damage and sick animals are some major thumbs down.

Perfect weather.jpg

3. God given beautiful sunrises/sunsets

Those farmers need something to look at when they are in the tractor super early in the morning or super late at night. The painted sky can do wonders for the imagination. Getting up early, working a 14-hour day, and ending it with God’s painted sky is good for the soul.


4. High market prices

Being able to sell for more is always good. Higher market prices bring peace of mind, and even a few extra dollars to buy some of the things listed here!

High market prices.jpg

5. Knowing the next generation is ready to step up

The farmer needs to know that the family farm is in good hands when the day comes it is time to retire. No, the farmer will not be able to stop going back to the shed or checking on the livestock, but knowing that someone loves it just as much as they do will put them at ease.

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