A Farmer's Life As Told By....Parks & Recreation

A Farmer's Life As Told By....Parks & Recreation

Limited sleep

Whether it be hours in the combine or up all night with a sick calf, sleep can be sporadic for the farmer.

Breakfast is for all meals

Don’t go “bacon” Ron’s heart by limiting his breakfast food supply. The easiest way to promote animal agriculture is through consuming your product and talking about your eating experience. Most associations have public events with grilled samples. This is a perfect opportunity to talk about animal agriculture and how to cook the meat to the public.  

Trust your support system

When times are tough, a support system will have your back. Farmers have a wide network of friends, family, and colleagues that understand agriculture and are always available for advice. Plus, mental health is always taken seriously. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has a mental health hotline for farmers to call!

The face you make when harvest is over

Farmers may only smile when they put the combine in the shed for the last time, but deep down they are dancing! The long hours are over and they can spend some time at home with their family. But remember, farmers have a passion for harvest and it is their livelihood. But it sure feels good to end harvest for the year!   

When commodity prices are not in your favor…

Whether it be trying to sell your grain or buying for your livestock, prices never seem to go your way. Keep your heads up, farmers! It will always work out.

Work and life balance


Farmers understand the work/life balance. Understanding your values and limitations are important in any industry. Depending on the time of year, farmers travel, visit family, or take the time to do what is important to them.


Leslie Knope is extremely passionate about her friends, her community, and waffles. She receives a project and owns it, tackling any issues they may encounter. Farmers do the same thing. They are expected to be the electrician, the accountant, the mechanic, the vet, the driver, and so much more. But, they love their job.



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