4 Things Farmers Are Tired of Hearing

4 Things Farmers Are Tired of Hearing

As a farmer I've heard lots of bizarre thoughts, random misconceptions and have answered more than my fair share of questions about my industry. For the most part, I don't mind. I love educating the public about agriculture. But there's a few things as a farmer I'm tired of hearing. 

1. Any one sided argument about the evils of GMO's


Everyone's titled to their opinions, but if you can only tell me that GMO's are 'bad for you' without providing any proof AND you won't listen to me, then I immediately stop caring about that opinion.

2. A rant about your vegan lifestyle we didn't ask about 


Having conversations about ideas and lifestyles is actually great, but an unsolicited rant about why vegan is better and why the whole world should convert is not a conversation. 

3. Anything sourced or cited from PETA


I will immediately disregard or discredit any propeganda you've obtained from or agrument you learned from PETA. PETA is trash. PETA used false propeganda and scare tactics. PETA kills more animals than it saves. Please, can't we all just agree they suck? 

4. A bizare notion us being heartless or greedy

Believe it or not, I don't farm for the money. I farm because I care about people. I farm because I want to feed the world. I love my livestock, I love my land, I love my people and I love what I do. 


Originally posted on odysseyonline.com.

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