Thanksgiving on the Farm

Thanksgiving on the Farm

Growing up in the country is considered a blessing by many of us farm kids. The experiences and adventures are limitless on farms and create memories that last a lifetime. There are many people who do not get to experience farm life daily. Those individuals do however get to visit cousins, grandparents or other relatives who live on farms during the holidays. Experiencing the tradition of Thanksgiving on the farm is the best experience for people from the country or the city.

Thanksgiving is a special time of year for everyone in this great country. This is time when we stop to give thanks and pay homage to the Pilgrims that helped settle this country many centuries ago. This is time when most have come to an end of harvest and before the chill of winter settles in for a the next few months.

Farm life for many of us in agriculture is the only life. During this time of giving thanks, there are a few reasons why Thanksgiving on the Farm is the Best.  


Food is one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving. All the glorious, fattening, unhealthy food. Traditionally the primary food at Thanksgiving is turkey. Many of us love it and are more than happy to eat turkey sandwiches for a week after the feast has ended.  This is a holiday when you forget about your diet and exercise routine to indulge in your favorite foods.  

Fresh food right off the farm. You will have ham from the hog that was just harvested last month after county fair. Corn, tomatoes, onions and potatoes will be from the family garden that was just harvested for the fall.  And nothing is better than a pecan pie made with pecans right out of the trees on your farm.  

When you live on a farm you also get to experience other delicacies such as a variety of wild game.    Whether you are eating duck, quail or deer, fresh game is always a wonderful addition to the menu when you have Thanksgiving on the farm. Many people eat duck or goose on Thanksgiving as a tradition.  Farm fresh food is something to be thankful for during this time of year.


Every family has it’s on set of traditions at the holidays. Many include football, shopping and even decorating for Christmas. Some of the traditions on the farm can be just as unique and special experiences for anyone.  

When I was a young child, my family had a tradition of going into the pasture and cutting down our own Christmas tree. We had tons of evergreen trees and always had an eye out for one that might work for Christmas. The decorating began that weekend and was always a time of family, food and fun.  

Some families hunt. They take time to after the feast and go out to see what prizes they can catch.  There are treks made to the family deer lease and a weekend of good times spent together. Traditions like these are what make this a great holiday and for people to be thankful.  

For many people Thanksgiving is spent on the road to a livestock show. They hope in the trucks and load out to a weekend of animals, showing, friends and livestock family.  There is always plenty of food, good times and traditions.


Whether you grow up on one or get to go visit on holidays, the farm always represents family. It represents roots and a time of when things were simpler. Family is the main reason we gather on these occasions to catch up, share memories and devour tons of food. Many people include non-blood relatives in their gatherings. Family means anyone that you want to break bread with and share a special day.

I know as a farm kid I was more than happy to bring home a college friend that had nothing to do on the Thanksgiving holiday. It was great to let them experience what it is like on a farm. The smells, sounds. They would quickly realize that even life on the farm is not perfect, or are the relatives that tend to show up. It makes for one of a kind experience.  

The time spent eating, laughing and sharing memories over food allow for us all to remember what is best in life. It helps us remember what we all must be thankful for each day of our lives.

Remember to be thankful for your blessing throughout the year. Take time to cherish those moments with loved ones and the people you care about. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on that year and give thanks gathered around a bountiful feast.  


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